communication with flavour

Foodism creates flavour signatures for companies looking to strengthen their brand identity.

By offering companies unique flavour profiles we are pioneers on the global market.

Just as a brand’s essence is interpreted graphically, Foodism identifies a brand’s identity through flavour, color, shape, smell and texture. The result is a unique and positive flavour experience that strengthens the brand recognition.

Curious on what Foodism tastes like? Book a meeting and we will offer you our signature flavours.

Raspberries’ tingling sensation reflects a fearless approach and sense of curiosity; by offering unique flavour profiles for brands Foodism is a pioneer on the global market.

Gastronomic expertise
Rich Assam tea has its origins in knowledge and tradition. Foodism is run by gastronomes with razor sharp taste buds.

Goat’s milk adds dimension in an unexpected flavour combination that highlights an approach that combines PR, gastronomy and business.

Italian raw liquorice extends the total taste experience, just like Foodism – We boost the experience of your brand.

– What does your brand taste like?