Intervju för SBS Australia

Intervju för SBS Australia i våra lokaler i Malmö

Intervju för SBS Australia i våra lokaler i Malmö

I Australien finns ett enormt intresse för Eurovision Song Contest, trots att de själva inte är med i tävlingen (!). TV-kanalen SBS Australia som direktsänt i 30 hängivna år snappade omedelbart upp årets satsning på smakprofilering och kom till våra lokaler i Malmö för en intervju tillsammans med profilkocken Tareq Taylor.

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Är du mer nyfiken på Australiensarna och deras förkärlek för Eurovision så skriver The Sunday Morning Herlad  så här:

”Aussies love a good contest – and Eurovision provides the perfect opportunity to poke affectionate fun at our European relatives across the pond. But somewhere along the way, Australia fell in love with Eurovision, and now there seems to be no turning back on it.

With Australia’s deep immigrant connections to Europe, it’s not altogether surprising that we like to feel part of Eurovision. It’s there in our national DNA as much as good coffee – another European import. Of course we fell in love with Abba before Eurovision was screened here – Waterloo trailed a path for Aussies to follow. And who could forget that our very own Olivia Newton-John represented England at the finals in 1974.

The connections run deep. Not only does the SBS coverage take us on a campy, kitschy trip to the heart of Eurovision, it takes it a step further and guides of through parts of Europe many Australians may have never otherwise have experienced – and always offers a distinctly Aussie slant on them.

It’s like a Euro travel brochure hosted by all manner of singing misfits, punctuated by rare moments of brilliance in which we have to disguise our embarrassed tears at momentarily getting swept away by it all. The camp romantic in us all is awoken from its slumber.”